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How do you keep motivating?


As a manager, how do you keep your team motivated?

Perhaps the most important point of team activity is to suppress personal ego. We need to ensure that our teammates can ignore their interests when necessary. Therefore, team work is important in our activities.

Consider the peak of a mountain. Your destination is on a long road. You are aware of the distance and you continue your journey without stopping. After a while, this idea will drive you away from your belief and reduce your motivation. However, if you told me that there are 10 200-meter tracks on your way and that each of you have the prizes and teammates waiting on each track, your faith in the goal will be freshened and your motivation will increase every time you stop. Do not neglect small motivations on the paths leading to great goals for a successful team with the same psychology.

In our age everything is gradually replaced by digital. This includes team events. How Does?

Virtual reality is a technology that enables you to exist with real senses and movements within a three-dimensional digital world.

In this way, you can walk in real terms with your teammates in a game, you can escape from the axes, you can get into a bar fight, you can face your fear of height or you can swim in a pool full of sharks.

While you are having fun, your subconscious is trained and learns to act as a team.